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  • Cassoulet : Hosted Page : Have you tried cooking Cassoulet? If not I will teach you to do so today. All you need to do is to follow the instructions one by one and your Cassoulet will be ready within an hour.
  • Black Bean Lasagna Rolls : Hosted Page : Making black bean lasagna rolls is very easy. The ingredients needed are noodles, black bean, chilli powder, and salt to taste. After cooking on a stove you need to micro wave it. Delicious rolls are ready.
  • Shrimp Bruschetta : Hosted Page : In order to make shrimp bruschetta you need to clean the fish first and then go on further with adding ingredients. This way you will be able to make bruschetta with shrimps, try now!
  • Raspberry Sorbet Summertime Treat : Hosted Page : Come on gals today we are going to try out a very good raspberry summer recipe. It is a cool sorbet and when your guests taste it they will keep smacking their lips and want more.
  • Easy To Cook Vegetable Soup Recipe : Hosted Page : Lorraineís friend is sick and she wants to give some strengthening food. She is going to make vegetable soup with some carrots, beans, leeks and potato. Please help her by passing the ingredients, can you?
  • Cream Chicken : Hosted Page : Hey dates let us try to cook some cream chicken before mom comes back. You clean all the ingredients and I will cook. But be fast so that we can complete cooking cream chicken and surprise mom.
  • Monkfish With Garlic : Hosted Page : Rosette is on her family way and she feels to have some monkfish with garlic. Can you please make some and give her so that she satisfies her desire. You can take the help of the cook to clean and other odd jobs.
  • Basic Tomato Recipe : Hosted Page : Olivia is going to learn how to make tomato sauce in her cooking class. If the ingredients are not good her tutor will punish her, so please help her to select the best tomatoes in the market.
  • A Complete Breakfast : Hosted Page : Sophia wants to know how to set the breakfast table. Can you please teach her and tell her how to place the spoon, knife, fork, and the plates including the napkins on the table?
  • Noodle Shop : Hosted Page : Mia wants to open up a noodle shop in her area as there is none. She seeks your help to teach her the basics of managing a noodle shop. Can you please help her to learn the fundamentals?
  • Tessas Hambuger : Hosted Page : Hi girls today I am going to teach you how to make hamburger. Get all your ingredients and keep them ready and handy. Just follow the steps that I tell you and you will have made a yummy hamburger within minutes.
  • Healthy Dinner : Hosted Page : Samantha is going to cook healthy dinner for her parents. Please help her to get all the ingredients and pass it on one by one so that she is able to cook a very tasty dinner for her parents.
  • Bananna Cream Pie : Hosted Page : Let us try to prepare banana cream pie. You need banana, cream, and some dry fruits to decorate on top. Follow me and try at your home. Your boyfriend will be surprised if you feed him with this food.
  • BBQ Party : Hosted Page : Lamarck is throwing a barbeque party today. He seeks your help for cooking delicious food for the party. Please help him so that all the guests praise Lamarck for his food. Will you?
  • Ice Cream Pizza : Hosted Page : How about making some pizza ice cream? It is very tasty and you can surprise anyone with this food when you party. Would you like to learn how? I will teach you, just watch how I do it.
  • Eggless Chocolate Cake : Hosted Page : Are you aware that eggless chocolates are available? Do you want to know how to prepare them? They are very tasty to eat and people allergic to eggs can also eat them. Why donít you try at home?
  • How To Make Shawarma : Hosted Page : Can you please help Chloe who is going to cook Shawarma a new dish which she has learnt from her cookery class? Just hand over the ingredients one by one as and when she asks for it.
  • Cooking Chocolate Cake : Hosted Page : Listen girls today I am going to teach how to make chocolate cake. Keep all the things required ready and repeat what I do. Within minutes you will have yummy chocolate cake ready.
  • Cooking Vanilla Ice Cream : Hosted Page : Julia is very fond of vanilla ice cream. Can you please teach her to make vanilla ice cream at home? She is ready to learn the recipe. Teach her with care and love.
  • Emilys Kitchen : Hosted Page : The little chef is going to make pancakes for us for tea today. Kindly help her so that she makes tasty pancakes and very fast as well. Follow her instructions. Can you do it?
  • Triple Chocolate Brownies : Hosted Page : Mix all the ingredients like cocoa, butter, sugar, flour all together in a sauce pan and micro wave it. Your triple chocolate brownies are ready. Try it out now and let me know?
  • Fish Pizza : Hosted Page : Hi Girls, be attentive today because I am going to teach you how to cook fish pizza. You must micro wave the mixed ingredients so that you get yummy pizzas ready to be consumed.
  • Mystic Pizza : Hosted Page : Do you know how to prepare mystic pizza? If not come on I will teach you how to cook pizzas that are mystic and tasty as well. It is a secret so donít leak it.
  • Cook A Delicious Carrot Cake : Hosted Page : Some children do not eat carrots and mothers know that carrots are good for eyes. So I will teach you how to make carrot cake which your kid will love and get the benefit of carrot.
  • Good Food Quickly : Hosted Page : How about having some very good food? Come on let us decorate some very tasty pizza today. Pizza and coke make a great combination and it all depends on how you decorate the pizza.
  • Chilli Crab Cooking : Hosted Page : Cooking yummy chili crab is very easy. Mix all the ingredients and fry them till they are red in color. Serve hot and enjoy the happiness of those eating this dish.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies : Hosted Page : Mouth watering recipe is the chocolate chip cookies and let us try our hands at it today. Girls please pass on the ingredients one by one as and when I ask for them. Watch carefully and understand.
  • American Pie : Hosted Page : American pie is easy to cook and takes less time as well. But the taste that it provides is really lip smacking. I will tell you how to make it so that you can try at your homes.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake : Hosted Page : Ice cream with mint leaves and chocolate chips make a great party recipe. Try to make it by using my recipe? Try it for your next birthday party and every one will love it.
  • Egg Toast : Hosted Page : Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hence what you should have for breakfast depends on the work you do during the day. But the best choice is to have toast and egg with milk.
  • Best Blueberry Pie : Hosted Page : Today we are going to learn how to make berry pie. Berry is very good for your health and skin so listen carefully and try it at home. It has a yummy taste also!
  • Sushi Style : Hosted Page : When you present a fish dish to your guest you ought to dress it up in the most attractive way so that they are pleased. I will tell you how to do it.
  • Crepe Suzette : Hosted Page : This recipe is made out of orange juice, lemon juice, sugar and orange peel. All the ingredients are good for health. I am going to tell you now how to prepare crepe suzette.
  • Birthday Pasta : Hosted Page : Little Caroline is celebrating her birthday today. She is seeking your help to decorate the pasta in a very attractive way. Can you help her? Try it out now so that you complete before the guests start arriving.
  • Vegetable Antipasti : Hosted Page : Vegetable antipasti are prepared from pure vegetables and hence it is good for kids and also very old people because they are easily digestible. Prepare it at home and give it to your granny she will be very pleased.
  • Deluxe Hamburgers : Hosted Page : Decorating cooked food is an art. They look very beautiful on the table. I am going to teach you how to decorate deluxe hamburgers today. Pay close attention. Note down all the minute details, lest you forget them.
  • Bruschetta With Cheese : Hosted Page : All you need to do is to garnish bruschetta with cheese and some colorful vegetables to provide it with an absolute grand look. Can you do that now? Try and in case of any problems let me know!
  • Cinnamon Rolls Cook : Hosted Page : You need dough, cinnamon, sugar, salt, butter and milk to make this dish. All you need to do is to mix the ingredients and place them on the micro wave. Once it is cooked you can slice them and garnish.
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwich : Hosted Page : You need bread, chicken, salt and sugar to taste. Grill the chicken and decorate them on slices of bread. Add on some onion to and mint leaves to garnish. Tasty BBQ Chicken sandwich is ready.
  • Aloo Baingan : Hosted Page : Aloo baingan a yummy dish from India and it tastes good with either rice or chapatti. All you need is some Aloo and some baingan with some chili powder and salt to taste. Need some oil to fry them.
  • Touna : Hosted Page : This recipe is made of vegetables like carrot, peas, beans, some oil to cook and salt and pepper to taste. It is very good for kids as well as women. I will teach you how to cook.

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