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       *     The Brand New Digital games website with the innovative exclusive genre.

       *     Consistently delivering new and exciting games with innovative technology.

       *     Developing and publishing games for huge audiences - together, anywhere, anytime.

       *     With more than 10 million players per month, Makeupgames.com reaches across online, mobile and social platforms.

Founded in 2014, Makeupgames.com is privately owned and privately funded, with an expanding workforce. Everyone in our team shares the Makeupgames.com philosophy of innovation and creativity in all that we do whilst of course always having fun!

There are over 500 games online at Makeupgames.com .com, with new ones released every week ensuring fresh content. Makeupgames.com encourages the sharing of its games through email, instant messaging, blogs and social sites, including the publishing of games on Facebook. Makeupgames.com also inculcated the mass syndication of games online, and today Makeupgames.com apps are running across hundreds of thousands of affiliate websites in makeupgames.com's online games network.

Makeupgames.com develops, publishes and distributes online, mobile and social games across multiple platforms and devices. Our games can be played on Apple, Android, Windows platforms, Nokia, Facebook and Makeupgames.com.

We have over 500 games on Makeupgames.com .Com and on average releases two new games every week Makeupgames.com's passionate community of gamers interacts not only via the website and mobile but also on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn pages and our YouTube channels

Makeupgames.com has seen dramatic growth since its inception in terms of both unique users and revenue, and has been consistently profitable. The website has a truly global audience, with users accessing from over 200 countries & territories ranging from giants like the USA, India and China to the slightly smaller land masses of Madagascar, Swaziland and Nauru ... the world's smallest republic! Makeupgames.com continues to evolve and focus on creating the best possible user experience